Thumbsticks for Country Walks

The sticks we sell on Walking Sticks Online can be spilt into five main categories; sticks as mobility aids and medical sticks, collectible sticks, handmade and hand carved, patterned canes and sticks and seats for outdoor pursuits.
Our range of thumbsticks falls into the last category for outdoor pursuits. We have all-wood thumbsticks made from Ash, hazel and Chestnut, Antler handled sticks and handmade thumbsticks which are beautifully made.
My favourites are the Deer Antler thumbsticks as the shape of the Antler lends itself so perfectly to the design.
The thumbstick, as you can tell from its name is designed to be held with your thumb hooked in the fork of the Y of the stick and your fingers wrapped around the lower portion on the Y.

The Y of the stick should be at shoulder height for the user. Great for walks in the county, thumbsticks are also popular with children (boys LOVE sticks!) As they are made from wood, any of  our thumbsticks can be cut to size with a hacksaw.

So, you can buy today:

Hazel Thumb Stick

Hazel Thumb Stick

Height 138cm
Natural Hazel wood shaft
Weight 450g
Complete with steel ferrule

Ash Thumbstick
Ash Thumb Stick

Ash Thumb Stick

Height 135cm
Natural Ash wood shaft
Weight 370g
Complete with steel ferrule


Handmade Thumbsticks
Handmade Thumbsticks

Handmade Thumb Sticks

Handmade in Norfolk, England
Height 137 cm or 54 inches
Weight 400g
Shafts are made from either Hazel, Ash or Holly
Naturally “cast” deer antler handle
Complete with steel ferrule


Here’s a nice comment from a customer made today:


It is so easy to shop online at this site that I bought a beautifully crafted thumb stick for my husband to make his tramps through the countryside more enjoyable . He is absolutely delighted with it , it`s perfect for slashing down brambles and nettles, testing boggy ground, steadying ones self when it`s slippery, is very sturdy and the perfect height to lean on to when resting to gaze at the fabulous views . The dog likes it as well. Man plus stick means a walk is imminent.”