Magnet Topped Thumbstick and Twisty Stick for Collecting Gun Cartridges

You will never have to bend down to pick up your spent gun cartridges again with one of our highly practical magnetic topped thumbsticks or twisty sticks. A powerful magnet is inlaid into the top of the stick handle so that you can flip your stick down and pick up your cartridges or keys (or anything  magnetic) off the ground.

The magnet is put in to the top instead of in the tip so that you don’t collect up all kinds of rubbish as you walk around.

These sticks make up part of our handmade range and all parts of these sticks are handmade from start to finish. The locally sourced wood to make the shanks is usually chestnut, hazel or ash which is of course seasoned and steam straightened.

These sticks are an excellent companion and make great gifts.

Magnetic Thumb Stick