New Quantity Discounts For all Walking Sticks

We have just applied quantity discounts to all lines at

We have had this feature on the ferrules for a long time and now you can order 1 to 6 of the same stick through the website and get ££££s off your order.
We have found that about 20% of our customers buy 2 sticks, usually one for home use and another for going out and holidays.The fold-able sticks have been particularly popular for this.
Our new discounts typically mean that if you purchase 2 of the same stick, you will save £4 or £5.Then, if you buy 3 to 6 sticks the price reduces further and further. You can choose the quantity on each product page and then click “add to basket” and the discount will show in the shopping basket.
Also, our anatomical canes that have a choice of left and right hand models, can now be purchased as a pair, saving £4. Many of our customers already buy both the right and left handed canes and now you can enjoy some money off!The postage costs stay the same (£6.75 for standard length sticks and £3.95 for folding) for up to 6 sticks in the same order.