Stick of the Month, the Shooting Stick

This month’s most popular stick has to be the Shooting Stick.
Sometimes called a seat stick, a shooting stick consists of a metal shaft, usually with a spiked tip and two handles at the top which fold out to become a seat to perch on. Leather bound handles and a sling seat (rectangle piece of leather) between the handles makes the shooting stick a comfortable seat. The shafts are sometimes leather bound and some have a handy shoulder strap.
Quintessentially British in style, shooting sticks were mostly used by hunters shooting birds or clay pidgeon shooting. Now that they are becoming more known to more people, they are used as a handy seat when there isn’t one at outdoor events and the like. Events such as sports matches, village fetes or picnics lend themselves to these sticks quite nicely.
A metal plate at the bottom of the shooting stick prevents the stick sinking into soft ground.
You can also buy a rubber ferrule to go over the spike so that it can be used on hard ground too. Shooting sticks are not meant to be walking aids, more an attractive seat where and when there isn’t one.

We stock many different types of shooting sticks; umbrella shooting sticks, adjustable, fixed length, ones with extra wide sling seats, inexpensive and expensive. They all make really good presents for outdoor types!

We have just added a new one to the range, it is adjustable, has a rubber tip and is very lightweight. Made in England like most of our shooting sticks, this new stick compliments the range nicely. Click on the following link to see our range of shooting sticks.

shooting stick

The telescopic shooting stick was invented by William Mills (1856 – 1932). The patent was filed in 1915 and granted in 1917 with Patent number: 1241753. William Mills was born in Sunderland and he also invented the mills bomb which was a hand grenade used during the First World War with 75,000,000 supplied to the British and other Allies. Another of his inventions were aluminium golf clubs, known as Metallic Golfing Instrument Heads.