Magnet Topped Thumbstick and Twisty Stick for Collecting Gun Cartridges

You will never have to bend down to pick up your spent gun cartridges again with one of our highly practical magnetic topped thumbsticks or twisty sticks. A powerful magnet is inlaid into the top of the stick handle so that you can flip your stick down and pick up your cartridges or keys (or anything  magnetic) off the ground.

The magnet is put in to the top instead of in the tip so that you don’t collect up all kinds of rubbish as you walk around.

These sticks make up part of our handmade range and all parts of these sticks are handmade from start to finish. The locally sourced wood to make the shanks is usually chestnut, hazel or ash which is of course seasoned and steam straightened.

These sticks are an excellent companion and make great gifts.

Magnetic Thumb Stick

Yodel and UPS Couriers – We Love You

Yodel Delivery

We are now using Yodel and UPS courier services as well as Royal Mail. We use Royal Mail for small items such as the folding sticks and the stick accessories. For parcels longer than 90cm we use Yodel for deliveries in Great Britain and UPS for orders overseas.

Both Yodel and UPS will send you a message by email or by mobile phone text to let you know the approximate delivery time. It is best to provide either of these details when you place an order with us so you can make sure you are in when your order is being delivered.

We have recently posted our latest delivery dates on the website for this year and we start back again on January 4th 2016.

Walking Sticks Make Great Christmas Presents

If you are stuck for ideas for presents this Christmas, how about a walking stick? We now have more choice than ever and something to suit all budgets and tastes. We have an excellent selection for men and women, young and old.

We are now using Yodel to deliver all wooden walking sticks to UK addresses, Royal Mail for all folding and height adjustable sticks and UPS for urgent next day deliveries and for worldwide deliveries. The latest dates for Christmas deliveries are now shown on the website.

If you wanted to personalize your gift with an engraved collar or plaque, please allow an extra 5 days for delivery as we do not do the engraving in-house. For hand-carved  sticks, the cut off date for orders for Christmas is the end of November. Please call or email us first to inquire before paying so that we can check with the stick maker first.

Come and see our great selection today!

Walking Sticks by Emilyhannah Ltd
Walking Sticks by Emilyhannah Ltd



Is Your Pashmina a Mypashmina?

Bonfire night marks the first of many cold days and nights ahead for me and it’s when my pashmina collection comes out of the cupboard. If you want to buy the genuine article (direct from Nepal) then come and see the large range of scarves and shawls at Emilyhannah Limited.

Real pashminas are made from cashmere (Originating ONLY from the fine hair of the Capra Hircus goat from the Himalaya). Mypashmina have been selling pashminas since 2002 and they are the real deal. Choose from pure 100% cashmere scarves and shawls or a 70/30 silk and cashmere blend.

Our friends at Mypashmina visit Nepal regularly to meet with the weavers and to reassure themselves that the product is perfect and the workers are happy.

We stock a huge range of Mypashmina pashminas in heaps of colours. We have scarves for women and men too!

Cashmere Scarves for men
Cashmere Scarves for men
Cashmere Scarves and Pashminas for Women
Cashmere Scarves and Pashminas for Women

Also, these are a great idea for Christmas presents. If you need to buy for a lot of people you can buy all of the presents in one go form us! Everybody loves these. They are super warm, light and they look great.

Now More Choice you can Shake a Stick at!

You may have already noticed on the website that we have been adding more and more sticks lately! We now have a choice of over 900 different sticks and canes. We have always tried to offer as much choice as possible in terms of size, handle type and design and now we think we can offer pretty much everything.

We have added more hand carved and handmade sticks which are always special and make excellent gifts. Twenty eight new collectible canes; including parrots, famous composers, lions, shell handled, dogs and horses.

Twenty Eight New Collectible Canes We have added twenty more crook canes including an inexpensive, super strong and super light rattan cane which has been flying out the door this month! And some very nice ones with carved detail.

Crook Canes

Forty seven new Derby handled canes are also now on offer, with a large choice of finishes, woods and handle designs. Derby canes have always been one of the best-sellers and we can now offer them to suit all budgets.

Derby Canes

An extra 21 new crutch handled sticks have been added in both height adjustable aluminium models and wooden canes too. Starting at just £23, these inexpensive, simple sticks are perfect for everyday use.

Crutch Handled Sticks

Orthopedic sticks have also had a boost from the addition of eight new models. Each one can be purchased in left or right hands or as a pair. This style of walking stick is popular among people who use a stick everyday as the handles are so comfortable.

Fischer handled Walking StickWe have added three new wooden walking poles in three shades of chestnut; light, medium and dark. At just £16 each, you won’t find a better bargain on-line!

Wooden Walking PolesFive new folding stick seats are now available too. Choose from patterned designs or plain colours. These recreational seats are very popular, especially among parents and grand parents watching their children or grandchildren playing sports.

Folding Seat Sticks. 2 in 1We are pleased to have some carbon fibre sticks back in stock too. Carbon fibre is an amazing material for stick making. It is both very light and very strong.

Carbon Fibre Sticks

last but not least, we have some new folding sticks in lots of different designs and a few with crystals!

Folding Crystal Sticks

We hope you like our latest offerings! We think we have now covered pretty much everything. Do let us know if there is something in particular you are looking for and we will try and source it or have it made for you.

ITV News Article about Falls In Hospitals

Hospital patients at risk of falls as ‘thousands cannot reach walking sticks’

There are 700 falls in hospitals across England every day. Credit: Reuters

Thousands of patients in NHS hospitals are at risk of serious falls as they cannot safely reach call bells or walking aids, a report has warned.

A fifth of falls recorded are from bed, and yet only half of NHS trusts had carried out a recent bed rail audit.

And while hospitals had policies in place for dealing with falls, there was “no association” between them and the care patients actually received on wards.

Falls every day in hospitals across England
Average number of falls per year
Number that result in hip fractures

The study, published by the Royal College of Physicians, found the trust with the highest number of falls was Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

This was followed by Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Shelagh O’Riordan, who led the study, said: “This is the first time there has been a national audit of falls prevention in hospitals across England and Wales.

“Our results show that although there are pockets of really good care, many hospitals are not doing everything they can to prevent falls.”

Research has shown that falls in hospitals can be cut by 20%-30% through careful planning and identifying patients at risk.

We sell a number of accessories to avoid this terrible problem. A cane holder is a small and soft rubber gadget that grips around your walking stick under the handle enabling you to rest your stick against a rounded edged table or a wall without it falling down. You can purchase one here: cane holder grip
Cane Holder
Cane Holder
We also sell wrist straps. These fit around the neck of your walking stick and can be left on there. The cotton loop fits around your wrist, your arm or over a hook or post. You can buy these in various colours to match here: wrist cords
Wrist Cords
Wrist Cords

Some Recent Customer Feedback about Our Sticks and Customer Service

Dear Hannah,

Just a brief note to let you know that the shooting stick was just delivered and got here in good condition! More importantly, my husband likes it very much!
Thanks for your brilliant service!
Kind regards, Valerie
I love the stick it’s fabulous, I will be back for more..
Thank you. Goods received in good condition. I am impressed with the service and speed of delivery.
Just to say thanks. Stick arrived today (3rd working day) and I am very pleased with it.  The Gold Glitter Harlequin finish is stunning and the adjustable height perfect (I’m 6’6″ so need a longer stick).
Thank you all! We love receiving these comments.


Latest Christmas Posting Dates at Emilyhannah Limited 2015

Bit early, but here are the latest dates for ordering online from Emilyhannah Limited for delivery in time for Christmas 2015:

Wednesday 23rd December – UK orders

Friday 4 December – Africa – Middle East
Monday 7 December – Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Japan, Eastern Europe (ex. Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Tuesday 8 December – Caribbean, Central & South America
Thursday 10 December – Greece, Australia, New Zealand
Monday 14 December – Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland
Tuesday 15 December – Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA
Wednesday 16 December – Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain
Thursday 17 December – France
Friday 18 December – Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland

The last day for posting out for UK orders is Wednesday the 23rd December at 1pm GMT. After this date we are then closed until 5th January 2016.

Order a Hand Carved Walking Stick for Christmas

Our very talented stick maker (Peter) is now taking commissions for his hand carved sticks in time for Christmas. You can choose from the selection on the website or you can send in some photos of your pet for him to copy.

Take a look at the range here: Hand Carved Examples

Hand Carved Mute Swan Stick Topper
Hand Carved Mute Swan Stick Topper

Work typically takes 4 to 6 weeks during the year, but as the orders multiply for Christmas, it’s best to get your order in early. Each stick topper is hand carved from a block of wood and then painted by hand to a beautiful finish.

In fact, the whole stick is handmade from start to finish. The wood for the shank is selected and cut locally and then it is dried (seasoned) for two to three years and then steam straightened.

The shank is finished with oil, cut to the desired height and finished with a brass ferrule. The handle is attached to the pole with a steel insert making it very strong and robust.

A  hand carved walking stick is not only beautiful but it is made to be used as well. You will get years and years of use out of one of these sticks. They make excellent gifts.

For bespoke requests, the stick maker asks that you send in 4 photographs of your pet (1 from the front, 2 profile pictures and 1 from the back) to get a perfect likeness. We can also add an engraved collar to make the gift even more personalized.

Get in touch today and see what we can do for you!