Some Discontinued Walking Sticks

They come and they go…Here is a list of the latest sticks that are now unfortunately discontinued:

Order code 1721: Crook handled walking stick with a concealed umbrella inside the shaft.

Order code bt51: Ram’s horn handled small shepherd’s crook. We are looking for a new supply of these as they were great sellers. The ram’s horn starts out all rough, hollow and unusable and then the stick maker compresses and polishes it into a marvellous and beautiful object to adorn a natural wooden stick. As you can probably tell, we will miss these ones and can’t wait to find some more!

Order code 210: Compass topped brass cane. Gadget or system sticks are my personal favourites, so it’s sad to see the last of these sticks. The ball topped handle had a compass inlaid in the very top.

Order code 2420: Hand carved duck handled walking stick. This is certainly a walking stick to miss. Hand carved wood work is incredibly time consuming and difficult as well as a beautiful art. It is therefore understandable that these sticks will not be available all of the time, no stick maker is that patient!

The hand carved sticks now available on the website are one-of-a-kind sticks, some will be made to order and some will have been photographed and described for sale once only. we cannot stress enough how special these sticks are and how we appreciate the many hours of work it takes to produce each one.

Discontinued Folding Sticks: we have lost a few of the folding sticks but we have added many more, so there is still something for everyone!

Visit today and see what’s new!


More Stock of Shell Handled Derby Canes Now In

We are pleased to announce the arrival of lots more shell handled walking sticks in time for Christmas. These sticks make wonderful presents as they are so different.  With a choice of five different colourways, each design features real shell pieces set with resin, covering a wooden  Derby style handle.

My favourite is the blue and green shell which reminds me of abalone shells in Australia.

Shell covered Derby canes

To avoid disappointment, order yours soon as we do have a limited stock. The handles are mounted on to wooden shanks which can be shortened to the desired height if need be. You can also have an engraved brass band added to the stick with a name or some initials, just ask!

Order online or call 0208 123 8042.

Extra Tall Blackthorn Knobsticks are Back in Stock

Just in time for Christmas, we are pleased to announce the return of the extra tall blackthorn knobsticks. To avoid disappointment, snap up one of these highly sought after sticks while stocks last. Just click on the image below to purchase one (use promo code freepostage at the checkout too)

Extra Tall Blackthorn sticks
Extra Tall Blackthorn sticks

Blackthorn is a rare commodity. We also have stock of some locally coppiced “blanks” for stick makers to make their own knob handled sticks, some tall shanks and some naturally grown thumbsticks.

True blackthorn has very dark, almost black with a purple/red tinge bark and when it is polished up, it looks very striking indeed.

Here is a description of our blackthorn trees in Britain (Prunus spinosa)

Blackthorn, also known as ‘sloe’, is a small deciduous tree native to the UK and most of Europe.

Common name: blackthorn, sloe

Scientific name: Prunus spinosa
Family: Rosaceae

UK provenance: native

Interesting fact: blackthorn wood has been used to make walking or riding sticks, and was the traditional wood for Irish shillelaghs.

What does blackthorn look like?

Habit: spiny and densely branched, mature trees can grow to a height of around 6-7m, and live for up to 100 years. The dark brown bark is smooth, and twigs form straight side shoots, which develop into thorns.

Leaves: slightly wrinkled, oval, toothed, pointed at the tip and tapered at the base.

Flowers: blackthorn is a hermaphrodite, meaning both male and female reproductive parts are found in one flower. White flowers appear on short stalks before the leaves in March and April, either singularly or in pairs.

Fruits: once pollinated by insects, the flowers develop into blue-black fruits measuring 1cm across.

Look out for: it is a spiny shrubby tree with black-purple twigs and small, narrow leaves.

Could be confused with: hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna), without leaves. The flowers of blackthorn appear before the leaves and the spines have buds along their length, on the hawthorn flowers emerge from the same point as the buds.

Identified in winter by: the twigs are black and spiny with leaf buds along the spines.

Where to find blackthorn

Blackthorn is native to Europe and western Asia. It can also be found in New Zealand and eastern North America. It grows best in moist, well drained soil and thrives in full sunlight.

It grows naturally in scrub, copses and woodlands, but is commonly used as a hedging plant.

Value to wildlife

Early flowering, blackthorn provides a valuable source of nectar and pollen for bees in spring. Its foliage is a food plant for the caterpillars of many moths, including the lackey, magpie, common emerald, small eggar, swallow-tailed and yellow-tailed. It is also used by the black and brown hairstreak butterflies.

Birds nest among the dense, thorny thickets, eat caterpillars and other insects from the leaves, and feast on the berries in autumn.

Mythology and symbolism

Blackthorn was long associated with witchcraft, and it is said that witches’ wands and staffs were made using blackthorn wood.

How we use blackthorn

The timber is hardwearing and tough, light yellow with a brown heartwood. It was traditionally used for making walking sticks and tool parts. It burns well, and is often used as firewood.

Blackthorn is used as a hedging shrub, particularly in wildlife gardens. The sloes are used for wine making and preserves, and, most commonly, flavouring gin.


Blackthorn can be susceptible to fungal diseases which causes blossom wilt in fruit trees, and the fruits can sometimes be distorted by a gall-forming fungus, Taphrina pruni.


New Laminated Orthopaedic Walking Stick

We have just added this new walking stick for sale on the website. The handle is made from layers of turned wood in contrasting shades. The handle is formed into a seamless, super comfortable grip handle for use in the right hand only.

Laminated Wood Walking Stick
Laminated Wood Walking Stick

The handle is mounted on to a wooden shank and can be shortened to any height required.

We have already sold a number of these sticks with excellent reports so far.. Order your new stick today and use promotional code “freepostage” to get free delivery too.

We have also recently added a bamboo hiking stick, lots more unusual handmade sticks, aluminium hiking poles and two new designer Switch Sticks folding sticks for those looking for a very bright and colourful folding stick.

We are always on the look-out for new, interesting or eye-catching sticks to add to the range and we try to add new ones every month. If you make sticks or you would like to suggest some sticks for us to sell, please do get in touch (details on the website below)

Get in touch with Walking Sticks Online

New Chestnut Hiking Sticks with Carved Motifs

This is a chestnut hiking stick with a carved red stag motif on the handle. £29 plus postage with a combination spike and rubber tip ferrule, leather wrist strap and height of 121cm. These kind of hiking sticks are usually held at about lower chest height.

Labrador Retriever carved motif. This stick will make a great gift for an owner of a Labrador.

A hunter or shooting carved motif adorns this new chestnut hiking pole. £29.

We hope you like these new sticks as much as we do!

A 3 Part Bishop’s Crozier Handmade by Us


This special crook was made to order for the bishop in the picture. The crook unscrews into three sections for easy transport. Each section has a brass fitting and looks very impressive. The wooden shank is a striking mountain ash with an interesting pattern and coloured bark.

This is one of our favorite parts of our work; making one-of-a-kind walking sticks for special people of purposes.

New Crutch and Walking Stick Holder Now In Stock

A cane holder is such a useful accessory for your walking stick. You no longer need to worry about your cane sliding onto the floor again.
Our new cane/ crutch holder has two hanging functions.
The holder can be used not only on Tables, Countertops, Desks but also Curved Surfaces like the Back Seat of a Chair!
1. Using the short side, you can hang the cane or
crutch on a flat surface, such as a table or a
counter .2. The long side is better suited to, for example,
the back of a chair, a door handle or the side of a
shopping trolley.



An Usual Walking Stick Collection up for Auction 21st June 2016

A very unusual collection of walking sticks is going up for auction on June 21st.

The most extensive private collection of walking sticks ever seen is looking to set an auction record at Chiswick Auctions.


The collection amassed by a private collector, Roy Moore, consists of more than 400 walking sticks, each individual, each with a very special element; be it an exquisite porcelain design, or one that contains an extending tape measure for measuring a horse, or one that doubles as a working flute, or a glove holder. Ranging from mid-18th century pieces all the way through to the mid-20th century, these stunning walking sticks are works of art in their own right, with only the highest quality porcelain, silver chasing, gold and jade (to name but a few materials) were used to produce these amazing creations. The search for these sticks was extensive and they came from far and wide over the course of two years, therefore we anticipate huge global interest.

Please see link to the catalogue:

Some Recent Customer Testimonials

Hi Emily,
The stick has arrived today and we are thrilled. Thanks for your help. Linda

May 24th 2016


Dear Emily

The Shepherd’s Crook for Bishop Ric arrived today and it is absolutely wonderful, thank you so very much.

With kind regards


May 13th 2016


The cane arrived and it is beautiful! It’s going to be the perfect gift for my friend especially since this is the year of Shakespeare’s 400th birthday and my friend teaches Shakespeare literature. Thank you so much.

May 7th 2016

I am not sure if this is the correct email for direct contact with Emily but I am sure this message will be passed on to her. I recently had a chat with her on the phone re. a faulty stick or one In could not get to tighten up properly Derby cane 99 and she sent me a replacement to pair with a stick from you folks thatI have had for some time as I now need two sticks . She sent me a Derby GEH 345 and it matches up very well. Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to do this for me.
Yours Aye, Doreen

April 6th


Hello, stick has arrived, brilliant, well pleased indeed. Rather glad there was a mix-up with previously ordered stick but as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Now all I need is a nice sunny day to take a leisurely walk around the local park where I can show off this beautiful stick. Once again, thank you very much indeed

March 24th


Thanks, it’s lovely & has attracted many compliments.
Ms Seabrook

March 23rd


Looking for a walking stick for my father and came across your web site. OMG have learnt soooooo much about walking sticks. Fab web site my father thrilled to bits. Delivered to his door within 2 days. Thank you so much.


March 11th


May I take this opportunity to thank you for the walking stick which arrived today at
Thanks for all the help,
Have a happy mothers day,

March 5th


Received the above today. Many thanks for such quick service.


March 2nd


Thank you. I found it a very good shopping experience.



February 22nd


Dear Emily Hannah,

I have received both my walking sticks today (Saturday)

May I say excellent service and products, again

excellent in all respects. . . .

Kindest regards,


January 23rd


Hi Emily,
Stick arrived 5mins ago.Once again many thanks,will not hesitate to recommend your
company for an excellent compassionate response and efficient service.
Allen W.

January 19th


Hello Emily & Hannah,

Received the shillelagh this afternoon in good order. Thanks for the fast dispatch.

Kind regards,

January 14th

New Dr.Cane Self Standing Walking Stick

Now here’s a great walking stick! The Dr.Cane stick stands up on its own and has a swivel base that works like a human ankle. The internal suspension system is gentle on your joints and the handle has a reassuring grip. Come and see it and read more at:

Dr Cane Self Standing Stick

Dr Cane Cane

This stick is priced at £42 and £5.60 for the replacement ferrule.