New! Offset Walking Sticks and Quad Canes

We have just added some offset and quad canes to the site and now have them all in stock.

Quad canes are really excellent  support canes and they have many features to enhance this. Mainly, they are free standing so they will stay exactly where you leave them (no more bother about picking your stick up from the floor!).  They also have a large handle that is easy and comfortable to grip and there is an easy height adjusting mechanism on the shaft so you can achieve the perfect height stick for you.

Quad Canes

The other type of stick is called an offset cane, so called because of the special shape of the shaft which centres your weight directly over the shaft. This feature makes it a very strong and reliable stick but still being very lightweight.

The offset cane is also known as a swan neck.

Both types of cane are available in bronze, wood effect and a pretty blue Morris pattern.