Walking Stick with Butterflies

Butterfly Walking Stick
Butterfly Walking Stick

We love this derby handled walking stick, celebrating the beautiful butterfly. The stick and handle are both made from wood but the shaft is covered entirely with a printed butterfly pattern. It makes a lovely gift and can be shortened to any height required from the original 91cm (36 inches).

Quite interestingly, I was reading one of my books of facts and the word butterfly is one of the only (or it might be THE only) animal word that is completely different in most languages. Most animal words have similar roots- for example the English cat is “kitte” in Arabic, “katu” in Armenian, “kotka” in Bulgarian, “kat” in Dutch, “katze” in German.

But “butterfly” is completely different. “papillon” in French, “mariposa” in Spanish, “paraparo” in Filipino, “Schmetterling” in German, “farfalla” in Italian, “drugelis” in Lithuanian and for the Danes its “sommerfug”

However you say it, this is a lovely walking stick and we can send it anywhere in the world.