Walk The Nordic Way

Naturally we learn to walk from a very young age, but as you get older walking turns into a great way of keeping healthy and a way of burning a large amount of calories.

You can take your walking up a level with a pair of solid Walking Sticks such as the ones shown here at the bottom. Make sure to use the most suitable tip for terrain you will be on whether its concrete, grass, mud, stone etc.

It is known to have a large benefit on your health by increasing your heart rate, strengthening your main muscles in your upper body and it burns a lot more calories, and to top it off it will feel like less hard work as it is low impact and fluid. It originated from a training method used by ski coaches and skiers in Norway when off Season to keep them fit and healthy. It really evolved from there taking place all over Europe from France to Finland to the US in the late 80s when the technique was “Urbanized”.

It can be done anywhere and many different people use it to there advantage such as backpackers so it can ease the weight on there backs or even anyone with knee pain or hip pain as they find they can walk more powerfully while there pains are being eliminated making for a much more enjoyable walk.

The technique to Nordic walking is having a loose grip on each of the sticks and with every stride you apply a decent amount of force with your sticks keeping the sticks close to you and behind you, not in-front of you like crutches.

Its the ideal full body workout for all ages. Give it a go!

Buy Nordic Walking Poles
Buy Nordic Walking Poles