The Invisible Walking Stick

Do you ever wish your walking stick was invisible? Well now you can have one! The Neo York completely transparent crook handled walking stick is now available to order online by clicking on the following link or image:

Invisible Walking Stick

 Transparent Walking Stick
The Invisible Walking Stick

Neo York walking sticks are handmade to order in York, Yorkshire. While the invisible stick is perfect for those invisible days when you want people to notice YOU and not your walking stick, Neo York also produce some very colourful walking sticks too!

You can choose from fluorescent, transparent and opaque finishes in a range of bright colours; gold, silver, purple, blue, red, pink, orange, green and white. They all have crook handles and are all made from lucite.

Lucite is used to make a surprising number of everyday items, from cars to teeth and televisions to bath tubs! It is a strong, light weight and shatter-resistant material that is also known as acrylic glass. Due to the nature of the material, it can be cut easily so you can request any length of walking stick you need and it will be cut to size for you.