Some New Walking Sticks and Canes for 2013

In addition to our new range of one-of-a-kind handmade walking sticks, we have also recently added lots more walking canes to the website.

In the extra long and extra strong section we have added two more very solid, robust and LONG sticks for the taller stick user. They both have Derby style handles and are made of solid hardwood. One is 44 inches tall (a whopping 112cm) and the other is 43 inches. Both can be shortened to the height required if need be.

Extra Long Derby Canes

In the tippling cane section we have added a beautiful beech cane with polished golf club handle with a brass plate perfect for engraving. There is enough space on the golf club to engrave a name, a message or something else a few sentences long. This cane is the perfect gift for a golf lover and the quality of it really shines through!

New Tippling Cane

We have added two more ram’s horn sticks, one with a longer shaft and one shepherds crook. The ram’s horns are very beautiful and you can see the skill and work which goes into the making of these sticks.

Beautiful Rams Horn Canes

There are three new antler handled sticks too, one thumbstick with a whistle, a crown handled spiral stick and a crown handle on a smart, smooth, polished hardwood shank. When we add new sticks we try to fill in any gaps in the range or add things that customers have previously requested, such as a crown handled antler stick on a smooth hardwood shaft.

New Staghorn Walking Sticks

Lastly, we have added a two new knobsticks, one of standard length and one extra long. These are scorched and polished ash knobsticks that look great.

New Knobsticks

So that’s it for now, but we will be adding some more new walking sticks next month plus the launch of two new websites! More later…