Some More New Walking Sticks in Stock

We have just added some more mini folding walking sticks to our already busy page of fold-able sticks. We have a silver, a purple and a colourful flowery design stick and a smart blue folding Derby cane as well.

Other new additions are two extra short flipsticks, one fixed height and the other height adjustable. We have been asked a number of times if we can get hold of these and they are now available to buy on the website.

We have added two really lovely quality Derby canes with natural wooden shafts (bark still attached) and larger handles which have been sanded and polished to a beautiful finish. Due to the larger size of the handles and their rustic shafts, these Derby walking canes are more suited to men.

There are some new additions in the accessories department too. Some nice, brightly coloured wrist loops and rubber ferrules and some great quality brass-tipped steel ferrules as well. There is now a choice of six different carry wallets for all folding walking sticks (accept the extra long and the special anatomical handled sticks).

In other news, our catalogue is ready, printed and will be dispatched in the post today. So if you have requested a catalogue recently then please expect it through your door in the next day or two.