A Nice New Selection of Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added 5 new handmade walking sticks from our local stick maker. His work is in a class of its own and they really must be seen to be believed. I took the best pictures I could to display the sticks in all their glory online so hover over each picture for an enlarged view.

Four of the handmade sticks are one-piece sticks. That means they have been made from just a single piece of wood. This type of stick makes for a really strong and reliable, safe walking stick as there aren’t any weaknesses where the handle would join the shank etc.

The choices this time are; an extra tall blackthorn knobstick, a T-handled blackthorn stick and two hand carved 140cm tall sticks. Both of the hand carved sticks have involved many, many hours of cutting, shaping, sanding and polishing the tops to produce two really beautiful and original sticks.

The other handmade one is a hazel thumbstick with a red stag antler topper. The antler is particularly attractive as it is a slender shape with very pointy tips or tines. As the tines are so pointy there was no need to cap them with wood or buffalo horn as is usually done with this type of stick.

We have also added another height adjustable derby walking stick with a shock absorbing spring. This one has a black aluminium shaft and a burgandy coloured handle. The height can be adjusted between 67.5 and 92cm in 2.5 cm increments. The other shock absorbing sticks we sell on the website are so popular that we thought we would add another one to the range.

We have recently added a new page to the website which shows just the latest sticks as we add them on, so to view or buy any of the sticks mentioned in this blog post, please click on the link below. Thank you!

New Walking Sticks

Hand Carved Leg Cleek
Hand Carved Leg Cleek