New Walking Sticks Now In Stock

We have just added a few new walking sticks to our websites. We are always on the lookout for interesting or different sticks to add and here are the latest. Please click on any of the images of the sticks below to be directed to the website for more information or to buy one. Thank you.
1. A Gloss Black Carbon Fibre Tippling Stick
This is an all black walking stick made from super tough carbon fibre with a plexiglass cap handle. Hidden inside the top third of the shank is a glass phial to conceal a few measures of your favourite tipple.
Tippling Stick in Gloss Black
2. A hand carved duck’s head on natural hazel shank.
This is a tall stick made from English hazel wood. The top is hand carved and then flame scorched to create a really beautiful effect. A perfect gift for the nature lover, we can also add an engraved brass plaque to wrap around the shank. This service costs £18 and adds an extra 2 to 3 days onto your order delivery time.
Hand Carved Duck Stick
3. A Gold Coloured Skull Walking Stick
A new addition to the skull head sticks page! We now have a silver plated skull, a black skull with Swarovski crystal eyes and now a golden one!
A skull walking stick is what is know as a “Morituri” or a “Memento mori”, a reminder of our own longevity.
Its also a glitzy and fun object for parties and dressing up. The skull handle is gold painted resin.
Gold Painted Skull Walking Stick
4. A Hand Carved Market Stick on Hazel
A market stick is a traditional stick to lean on while talking to people or watching the sheep. These are individually hand carved (which takes hours and hours) and then mounted on to an English hazel shank with a steel insert for extra stability and strength.
Hand Carved Market Stick
5. Embossed Patterned Chrome Crutch Handled Walking Cane
This smart walking stick is for special occasions and evenings out. We now have quite a large range of silver and chrome plate sticks in stock.
Embossed Patterned Chrome Plate Cane
6. A Super Sized Real Irish Blackthorn Stick
This stick is enormous! It you have been looking for an extra stout, extra tall ( 138cm) and heavy (1.24kg) Irish blackthorn stick then we have just the one for you. The thorns have been cut by the stick maker but he has left the knobbly bits to great effect. The shank is not straightened but that just gives this fantastic stick even more character.  Note: definitely not for girls 🙂
Real Extra Large Irish Blackthorn Stick