New Walking Sticks & Discontinued Lines

The beginning of 2014 sees a bit of a shake up regarding our walking stick stock. Some are brand new with some more new ones this month and next month and we have some that are now discontinued.

Among the discontinued are some of the adjustable crutch handled sticks, some collector’s canes and the hand-carved tall wooden walking sticks.

For the new ones, we have some new collectable sticks with famous people toppers, a new Fischer handled cane, two new wading staffs and Nordic walking poles.

Next month we are adding some new ferrules, new crutches, new Derby handled walking sticks, new collectable canes, new hand-carved and of course some more lovely handmade sticks.

It’s always nice to update the site with new products. It keeps things fresh and interesting and it’s amazing how the humble walking stick can vary so much!

After nearly ten years of trading (we will be celebrating our tenth year in 2015) we know more than we thought possible about walking sticks!

If you make sticks or are in the stick business, please contact us to see if we can work together.