New Walking Sticks and Accessories Just In

We have just added lots of new walking sticks and walking stick accessories to the website, available to purchase now. We hope there is something for everyone and some gaps in the range have hopefully been filled.

For the accessories, we have added some brightly coloured wrist cords in red, blue and green and a black leather wrist cord too. We sell a lot of these handy (pardon the pun!) accessories and there is now a choice of twelve different colours and designs.

Colourful Wrist Cords for Walking Sticks

There are two new collectors walking canes, an owl and a cheerful green frog. As you will notice with many of these new canes, the heights differ from the standard 91cm, some taller, some shorter.

Green Frog Walking Stick

We have added seven new folding walking sticks with some lovely, colourful designs. There’s stripes, spots, jazzy patterns and a pretty new floral stick. Three are mini folding sticks, two are crooks and two have ergonomic handles.

New Folding Walking Sticks

There’s a new quad cane and a new offset cane, both are all-black; black handle, black shaft, wrist strap and ferrules.

Quad and Offset Walking Canes

The category with the most new additions is the Derby canes (eleven in total) with some nice new colours, different sizes and some lovely grainy and interesting woods have been used to make them.

New Derby Walking Canes

We’ve added two new bamboo sticks, one with a wooden pistol grip handle and the other with a wooden ball top. These bamboo sticks look very delicate and are more suited to ladies. They both weigh approximately 170 grams each only!

New Bamboo Walking Canes

There are two other ball top walking sticks made with resin handles, one that looks like amber and the other like cow horn. We find the ball top sticks to be quite popular as the ball shaped handle is comfortable to hold.

Ball Top Walking Sticks

There is another colour choice now for the folding hiking pole, a bright metallic red to compliment the blue/grey one already on the website. We have had lots a good comments about this hiking pole because of the ease of use and the fact that it folds away so nicely – good for holidays and days out.

Red Folding Trekking Pole

We have added four new wooden crook handled walking sticks. Two are chestnut made to look like bamboo, one has some pretty carved decorations and the other has an attractive green stain on the wood.

New Crook Walking Canes

There are two interesting new crutch handled sticks, one made from rosewood and the other has a spiralled shaft the length of the stick.

New Crutch Walking Sticks

Lastly, we have added a new umbrella shooting stick with a racing green umbrella canopy.

Green Umbrella Shooting Stick