New Wading Staffs for Fast Water Fishermen

We have been selling traditional wooden wading staffs for a long time now and we have just added two aluminium/stainless steel models to the website.

Just like the wooden wading staffs, these new metal ones have a weighted end so that it doesn’t float off down the river when you are out fishing. There is a choice of a heavy weight (1.2kg) or medium (500g) staff depending on where you want to go fishing. The heavy weight one is designed to be used in fast moving water such as fast rivers and the medium weight is for slowing moving water or lakes.

Also like the wooden variety, these wading staffs have a Lanyard which is a releasable strap that can be wrapped around the body. An extra great feature is the nomograph which is a length to weight measure. You can measure your salmon catch by laying the fish down next to the wading stick and read off the length which gives you the weight too.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs
Aluminium/Stainless Steel Wading Staffs

The Sharpes wading staffs are designed and made in Aberdeen, Scotland. Sharpes of Aberdeen have been selling fishing supplies since 1920 and the range includes fishing rods, fly rods, nets and tackle. They are based next door to the River Deveron which provides an excellent testing environment for all of their products.

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