New! Ventus Audio Walking Stick

Introducing the new Ventus Audio Walking Stick from Ventus Innovate Products, Hove, BN3 5LA, England.

The Ventus rechargeable Radio walking stick is a new concept in modern walking stick design.

The ergonomic hand grip includes a bright headlight which is adjustable and can beam shining light forwards and downwards for good footfall illumination. The stick stem also features high-visibility bright red flashing strobe lights for added roadside safety. An audible alert is built in to attract emergency attention whenever required.

All of the above functions are powered by an internal Lithium cell which can be recharged by the USB charge cable included. NO batteries required. The shaft is height adjustable from 75cm to 100cm and is made from high strength Aluminium. The hand grip also contains a Powerful magnet for easy retrieval of dropped keys etc. A wrist strap is included for added convenience.

We have just updated the website with this new walking stick which replaces the now discontinued Ventus Safety Stick (the foldable one). This walking sticks is sent out boxed with full instructions and user manual and a USB lead, in fact everything you need from a walking stick!

Click on the following link for more information or to buy one or click on the image below: Buy a Ventus Audio Walking Stick

Ventus Audio Walking Stick
Ventus Audio Walking Stick