New Self-Standing Walking Sticks Now in Stock

Isn’t it great when an everyday object gets reinvented. Check out these fantastic new walking sticks from France.
Winners of three design awards in France and CE marked, these amazing walking sticks are self-standing so no more worries about dropping your stick on the floor and spoiling the handle.

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Self-Standing Walking Stick
Self-Standing Walking Stick

The sticks themselves are made from carbon fibre and the handles from fibre glass making them extremely light. The base is made from stainless steel and is where all the weight is, to keep the stick from falling over. The base is 6.5cm in diameter and has a removable rubber end for a secure grip.

Because the base is heavy, it walks with a nice swing so that you don’t need to apply any effort with your wrist or arm.

The carbon fibre shafts have a silver/grey sleek finish and the fibre glass handles are black.
This is the kind of walking stick that will attract a lot of attention and questions and, I think, could change your life!

If the stick does fall over (in the wind for example) you pick it up by pressing the base with the side of your foot and the handle will spring back into your hand, brilliant!

Tango Walking Cane
Tango Walking Cane

These clever walking sticks are available in 5 different heights, 80, 82.5, 85, 87.5 and 90cm and the rubber base covers are available in beige, lime green, light blue, orange and red.

We also stock other self-standing walking sticks called quad canes, so-called because they have four feet.