New! Junior Walking Sticks

Boys love sticks! Walking in the woods or going on a long walk are great ways for families to share outdoor adventures together and the children will definitely love to take their own hiking sticks along!

Sticks are versatile things. They can be a flag pole, a fishing rod, a life-saving-grab-on-thingy, a wand or just a stick. When I take my boys out for a ramble they play all sorts of imaginative games together when they have a stick in hand and as a result we get to walk further and have a brilliant time.

We have just added two new hiking sticks in mini children’s sizes to the website, with some more to be added shortly (pardon the pun).

Junior Hiking Sticks
Junior Hiking Sticks

If you have any good ideas for children’s sticks or you find some interesting ones on your travels, please do tell us!