New in Stock – Shell Handled Walking Canes

We have recently added some very attractive shell handled walking canes to the range. Come and have a look by clicking on the image below on on the following link: Shell Handled Walking Canes

Shell Handled Walking Canes
Shell Handled Walking Canes

Available in five different designs, these Derby handled canes are very well made and look great. The shell is set into the handles with resin so there is no danger of them being chipped off. The shell pieces are from abalone and mother of pearl, also known as nacre. Nacre is strong, resilient and iridescent – perfect stick making qualities!

The shell handled canes are five of over one hundred new items we added to the website last month. Please come and see our new sticks today!

Just like all of our other wooden canes, these shell handled ones can be shortened to any height required, have an engraved plaque added and can be delivered to any UK address in just one day. We also ship overseas.