New! Cross Head Walking Sticks

Cross head sticks are very simple, one piece walking sticks. They are very easy to make because nature does all the hard work; growing a stick with a comfortable handle.

As a walking stick they are ideal because they are lightweight, comfortable to hold, naturally strong and slightly offset for balance. They make the kind of sticks that are kept for years and almost become part of the user.

The cross head shape is formed when a shank is growing at an angle of 90 degrees from either the root or the branch of a tree. This formation can be found on most trees used for stick making, but hazel, birch, sycamore, rowan and ash trees produce the most.

If a shank of at least 36 inches or 91 centimetres can be found or grown at an angle from a root, then you have the chance to make a lovely one-piece walking stick.

Using a root as the handle can create a lovely finish as the handle will have a different colouration to the shank as it has grown underground. A most striking example of this can be seen in the sticks we have just added to the website and in the image below.

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Ash Cross Head Stick
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These sticks come from an area of Devon which has a dark red soil and so produces a beautiful reddish handle.

We have also added two more cross head sticks, so there’s a choice of ash, hazel or blackthorn. They are all natural and beautiful and the ash sticks have the reddish colour root handles from Devon shire.