New Bamboo Walking Sticks

When you think of bamboo walking sticks, the skinny, bendy “wangee” cane comes to mind with Charlie Chaplin swinging it around. Well these bamboo canes are a little different. The poles are between 25 and 43mm which sounds too thick but being bamboo, they are incredibly lightweight.

Extraordinary walking sticks made from extraordinary materials. We have got eleven fabulous new sticks made from bamboo. Four of them are ‘au naturelle’ , just polished and the othe rseven have been finished with a light Danish Oil. The first four have oak wood tops and hand-turned brass ferrules with the other seven have large wooden handles.

For the hand-turned wooden handles, we have two blackthorns, one hazel and two ash with a Jacobean stain. The handles, tops and the ferrules are all bonded to the insides of the bamboo poles with wooden inserts so that there will be no movement whatsoever.

Due to the farely large (more than 1 inch) diameter of the bamboo poles, a whole tube of epoxy resin glue was used on each stick! So with the bonded inserts at both ends, the resin and the natural toughness of bamboo, we now have eleven super light and super strong sticks.

Three of the sticks have patterns engraved on the bamboo which look really attractive.

We probably won’t have anymore made due to the difficulty of the project, so hurry while stocks last!

Our stickmaker comments “These sticks were tricky and time-consuming to make but I think the results are beautiful. Bamboo is amazing to start with but it is very sharp so the shanks were sanded smooth first to avoid anyone cutting themselves, including me! Bambooo is also prone to splitting, so I made the special inserts and used a substanial amount of epoxy glue to bond everything together.

The inserts, ferrules and handles were all made to different diameters as each bamboo pole was different. This added a lot of hours to the project and is not something I normally do.”

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