Bespoke Walking Sticks

We have had a flurry of requests lately for bespoke walking sticks for Christmas presents. Including one for a Weimaraner dog head handle and another for a Jack Russell.

As long as you give us a couple of weeks, we can make any walking stick you like. In the case of the Weimaraner dog handled cane, we buy in the hand painted handle which is then attached to a shank and finished with a brass ferrule and collar.

We can source a large choice of handle types so whatever you are thinking to have made then please just ask us as we can probably get it for you. There’s dog head handles, birds, fish and other traditional handle types.

As for the shanks, you can tell us the length required and whether you want hazel, holly, ash or blackthorn natural wood shanks or chestnut, hazel and maple turned and polished shanks.

Both of the above requests are for Christmas presents and are going to be engraved. Engraving for walking sticks involves a brass oval plaque that is engraved with a name, date or message and is bent around the shaft and pinned on. The Weimaraner dog stick will have the grey/silver dog head handle and then the names of three of the gentleman’s dogs engraved on a metal oval plaque, what a lovely present!

So just remember, we can most likely fulfill your request but please allow us two weeks to make it for you. We also have a stock of really amazing handmade sticks that can be personalised and make great gifts.