Antique Walking Sticks are Big Bucks!

I found this today, the 9th Canemania conference (10th – 13th September 2014). Held
in our Nation’s capital, the conference is all about antique walking canes with a
reception, conference lectures, workshops and a gala dinner, all for the princely sum
of £395.

I would really love to go to this! So if anyone would like to pay for me, lets go!

Antique walking sticks are so fascinating. Especially the gadget canes or system
sticks. The stickmakers of the 18th and 19th centuries were so imaginative.

A showcased exhibition of the most exceptional canes will be on display on the 10th
Septmeber 2014 at Bonhams Auction House in their London Knitsbridge Showrooms.

The gala dinner sounds amazing, see this excerpt below from the website

“Our Gala Dinner
The evening will commence at 6.30pm with a reception in the Drawing Room, which has the largest William Morris Tapestry in the country, hung in place of wallpaper. A portrait of Isaac Walton (author of the Complete Angler) is amongst many fine pictures on the walls. A huge fireplace, bookcases and unique collection of artefacts add to the splendour of the room. A formal 3 course dinner will follow in the impressive Banqueting Hall. The windows, ceiling, chandeliers and oak panelling conjure up the heraldic imagery and the fine stained glass windows record the rooms’ connection with the Monarchy and past Lord Mayors of London.

Featured on films such as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, we think that the Ironmongers’ Hall will be a wonderful setting for the culmination of Canemania 2014.

The dress code for the evening will be the Formal Cocktail attire. Ladies – dresses or trouser-suits
Gentlemen – dark suits or jacket and tie

Carriages will be at 11pm”

The conference venue is the prestigious venue The Royal Garden Hotel Kensington, a 5 Star hotel in central London.

Speakers at the conference include antique walking stick dealers, authors, collectors, curators, archivists and tour guides. It will be such a fascinating conference for anyone interested in sticks and stickmaking throught the ages.

Antique canes sell for between a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds and I personally would love to learn more about this fascinating subject.