Walking Sticks and Stick Insects

You probably know this already, but Americans call stick insects “walking sticks”. Try searching walking sticks in google.com and see what you come up with.

Wouldn’t it be funny if you received an Indian Stick Insect in the post instead of that beautiful Derby cane you were after! Ahem.

walking stick insects
walking stick insects

Stick insects are fascinating creatures. My son got some last year for his birthday. He wasn’t impressed as they were about 1cm long when they arrived in the post. But within 3 months they had grown to 8cm. They shed their skins, they play dead, they sway gentle from side to side when you blow on them to pretend they are foliage blowing in the wind and they are nocturnal.

They are incredibly easy to keep as pets. Ours just ate stinging nettles and privet leaves with some water sprayed on them everyday, easy!