Walking Sticks Around the World

We have been in the business of selling walking sticks for eight years now and we have learnt more than we thought possible about sticks and canes from our customers, stick makers and from our suppliers.

One of the areas of particular interest to us is discovering the different terms used and their meaning in other languages. When we first started out, the thing that used to amuse me most (especially when you do a Google Images search) is searching the term “walking sticks” on google.com.

As you have probably come across before, Americans call stick insects walking sticks and this used to cause much merriment in the office. Another one I like is “Puffer” or “Gummipuffer” which translate to ferrule and rubber ferrule respectively. I’m not sure why I find that amusing but I do!

There are such variations for our familiar English walking stick. The french “canne de marche” rolls along nicely but the slovak “vychádzková palica” is a different story altogether. There’s käveykeppi in Finnish, wandelstok in Dutch and bastone da passeggio in Italian. Wherever you are and whatever language(s) you search in, you are sure to find a huge array of walking sticks online around the world!