Walking Sticks – A Natural Product

Many of the walking sticks we sell online are natural products and so being will vary to the one advertised on our website. The shape and size of the handle and the diameter of the shaft may vary a little bit. In our opinion this lends to the beauty and individuality of a walking stick.

Sticks such as the coppiced knobsticks, the cross-head sticks, pistol grip canes, thumbsticks, hiking sticks, the antler topped sticks and of course the hand carved and handmade sticks all fall into this category. They are collectively known as “country sticks” as they are “grown” in the woodland and are all slightly different.

The height of the stick is much easier to keep the same and always is the same as the one described on our website .
If you have specific measurements or a particular appearance in mind then please contact us and we can send you pictures of the stock we have so that you can choose yourself. Variations such as the colour of the wood can be easily shown and therefore chosen by you simply by emailing or sending a SMS message to your phone. Woods such as hazel can vary from quite dark to light and blackthorn from dark purple to a red/brown colour and ash from various shades of green and grey.

We also offer a handmade and bespoke service so that you can have the exact walking stick you want, specially made for you.Please contact us in the usual way with any enquiries.