Walking Sticks for Your Hallway

Do you need walking sticks in your hallway?

I am an avid reader of Country Homes and Interiors magazine and love looking at the beautiful homes they feature. In the February edition there is a lovely feature on a cottage in the South Downs, Sussex and the owner has transformed it into a handsome home.

It was the ‘Boot Room’ and hallway pictures that really caught my eye. The owner has made every room look beautiful, comfortable and cosy and hasn’t missed out the utility rooms, doorways and halls that tend to get neglected.

Looking at my own rather ‘distressed’ hallway, full of shoes, coats, muddy wellies and other outdoor gear, I want to make mine look more like the Sussex cottage.

The flooring is fine, wood with a jute rug. The Sussex cottage has a brick tile floor with sisal rug. The walls are the same, painted white with wood beams. Now to the accessories (or the things dumped about). Firstly, coats are going in the cupboard, shoes in a nice basket, a selection of hats and scarves left on the hooks and there is just one thing I need to find or buy. An umbrella stand or an interestingly patterned tall pot to put the walking sticks and umbrellas in.

I like to have a selection of favourite sticks about the house, mainly the deer antler handled ones and a selection of handmade beauties. Umbrellas are a must too.

The window sill is cleared of Blue Tack, Lego figures, receipts etc and instead I put a favourite photo, some interesting stones and a vase of daffodils (well it is nearly springtime).

There we go, Homes and Interiors here I come!

Walking Sticks for Your Hallway
Walking Sticks for Your Hallway