Walking Sticks for People Who Don’t Like Walking Sticks

We receive a number of enquiries from people, particularly younger people who need a walking stick but do not want an unattractive and bulky cane that screams DISABILITY!

If you or anybody you know needs to use a walking stick or some kind of walking aid in their daily lives but are reluctant to do so for whatever reason, then here is an update on what is available on the market today that may help to change your or their mind.

First of all you need to identify what a stick would be used for. Would it be useful to have a stick that turns into a seat to be used when waiting in a long queue (at the airport for example) when there isn’t a readily available seat? Or would it be nice to have a strong, reliable walking stick that looks like a hiking pole instead of a mobility aid?

Many people, particularly young people or people who have had an accident do not want to use a stick for support. I think the main reason for this is that the thought of a walking stick conjures up images of NHS, bulky and unattractive sticks and people are unaware of the sportier, more attractive sticks available.To take a fresh look at what is available these days, a good place to start looking is on the internet.

Sticks today can be bought in funky metallic pink, designer patterns, pretty floral or sporty styles. You can buy sticks that look like umbrellas but have the strength to support a person and have different walking stick style handles, not just crooks. Whatever your taste or favourite colour, you are sure to find something to suit.

Other considerations are whether a stick would be more of a hindrance than a help. If a stick may only be needed for occasional use then you don’t want to be carrying it around all of the time unnecessarily. You won’t be wanting something too heavy in this case either. Well, the solution is to get a fold-able walking stick. One that can be stowed away in a handbag or (for men) in a jacket pocket. These sticks tend to be very lightweight but strong and reliable when it comes to supporting the user..Carbon fibre walking sticks are also a brilliant solution. Some weigh only 250 grams but are incredibly strong (ten times stronger than aluminium sticks).

Also it is worth keeping up with the ever increasing pace of technology and innovation. For example, if its a stick for the blind that’s needed, you know one that’s painted all-white for increased visibility, there is now talk of a handheld wireless sensor the size of a television remote control that may soon replace the white canes and other walking sticks that have guided the blind for centuries.The sensor is designed to detect obstacles in the way and a working model of the magic wand hasn’t been built yet but give it time…

We are pleased to be able to offer a large choice of walking sticks in many different styles, colours and sizes that we feel there is something to suit everybody!