Popular Woods Used for Stick Making

Chestnut and Hazel Wood for Making Walking Canes

The name Chestnut refers to the genus of eight or nine species of deciduous trees of the beech family. Chestnut is also of the same family as Oak and the wood is very similar in colour and texture. Like Oak, Chestnut wood contains many tannins and this makes it a very durable wood.

Durability, especially weather resistance, means that Chestnut wood is used in fencing and outdoor furniture.

Chestnut wood is also good for making walking sticks because of its durability. It is also lightweight, strong and easy to work.

Most of our crook canes are made from Chestnut.

Probably the most popular wood for stickmaking is Hazel. English Hazel is good for walking sticks as it has an attractive bark and the wood itself is very flexible, making it easy to straighten. It is so flexible infact that it can be twisted and knotted.

Most of our handmade sticks are made from Hazel.