Internet Shopping, isn’t it Great?!

I personally think internet shopping is great. I needed a very particular radiator key last weekend, of a particular diameter and gauge. So, while in my pajamas on Saturday morning, making pancakes and drinking tea, I decided to have a look on Ebay and there was the thing I needed for £2.30 plus postage!

Hurrah! The internet is awesome. I will get the key on Tuesday through my letterbox and I haven’t had to trawl around town getting stuck in traffic and looking for something no high street shop would possibly have in stock.

I went to a local question time evening for young adults (my niece) last week and one of the questions that came up was whether supermarkets were responsible for destroying the high street. I think this is quite an outdated question. Surely the age of internet shopping has changed more of our habits.. and for the better in my view.

The High Street should be for socializing and grocery shopping, flowers and nice things like that. Shopping is best done online, in the comfort of your own home, away from traffic jams, queuing, parking fees and everything else!

Online offers a huge choice and many things that are impossible to find in your local shops but are commonplace online and can be delivered to you every day of the week! Amazing!