Ideas for Mother’s Day from Walking Sticks Online

Your mum will be well pleased with a nice new walking stick this Mothering Sunday which is on the 10th March in the UK this year.

Luckily we have an extensive range for your perusal and we have a 24 hour delivery option so that getting the stick on time is guaranteed. You can even have it delivered on the 9th March which is a Saturday.

Lots of sticks are suitable but the best-sellers for women tend to be the folding walking sticks. We have about seventy different folding sticks to choose from in
various designs, styles and budgets.

The good things about the folding canes are many! They have small handles, some have pretty designs, some fold up to fit inside a handbag and they are all very lightweight, height adjustable by an easy-to-use mechanism, can be bought together with some useful accessories and can be gift wrapped.

The folding sticks are also cheaper to post than the one-piece wooden walking sticks are which means you pay less postage at the checkout.

The adjustable crutch or Derby handled walking sticks and the new patterned hiking poles are also a good choice for Mother’s Day. They have the same attributes as the folding range except that they don’t fold up.
These sticks will fit into a standard suitcase when telescoped down to the lowest setting for taking on holiday.

Other choices are the animal head topper canes, nice for pet owners with dogs or for nature lovers. Then there’s the dress canes and the chrome or silver plated canes for something smarter for special occasions or just as a nice stick to have around.

For outdoor lovers we have a great range of seat sticksflip sticks and fold up chairs. These are great as they provide a handy seat when you are out and about and don’t know where or when a seat will become available.
For example in a queue or at an outdoor event.

For smaller budgets we have some really useful accessories and gadgets for walking sticks.