Do It Yourself Metal Ferrule Fitting

Adding a metal ferrule to the tip of your walking stick doesn’t require any expensive or complex tools. All you need is a Stanley knife and some epoxy resin glue and about 20 minutes spare.

First of all you get the correct size ferrule. Select one with a diameter a couple of millimeters less than the diameter of your walking stick. This is because you are going to create a tapered end for the ferrule to fit over and you want it to meet the shaft so that it is flush (without a lip). This looks better and makes a clean finish.

When you have got the right ferrule, hold it next to the end of the stick and score a line where the ferrule will cover the stick. The line will be the same as the inside depth of the ferrule.

Next, start cutting the bark or wood away from the tip by starting from the scored line. You need to hold the stick firmly and cut away from you. Keep cutting all the way around the tip until you have created a tapered end.

On completion of each circuit, take the ferrule and put it over the end until it fits over nicely and meets the scored line edge. The idea is to shape the tip of the stick so that it fits snugly into the ferrule and the end of the stick is touching the inside end of the ferrule.

When the tip has been cut enough to fit the ferrule, prepare the epoxy resin by mixing a small amount of each substance on to a piece of cardboard or other disposable surface. When it’s ready, coat the tip of the stick and the inside of the ferrule with the glue and tap the ferrule on with a hammer or push it down hard on the floor to make sure it is firmly attached.

When the ferrule is on you can pinch it on by hammering a nail or pin into one or both sides, but you don’t have to.

That’s it! Hazel, beech and chestnut woods are soft and easy to work with but you will find blackthorn and other thorn woods more time consuming. You can also make the work mush quicker by using a belt sander or other power tools with a sanding function.

Metal Ferrule
Metal Ferrule