Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Men Folk

It’s not easy shopping for men is it? (Not so for women. Pretty but practical, works every time!)
A walking stick is a great present for young and old, country and town’s men alike.
For young boys we have the junior hiking and thumb sticks.
All boys love to carry a stick when outside exploring and this carries on into manhood!
It depends on what hobbies your man takes part in. For country pursuits such as fishing, hunting, hiking and walking then this is a great present to buy.
Fishermen like to take a wading stick to help them keep balance in the water. We have several different wading sticks, all with a special weighted end and a Lanyard to keep the stick from drifting away down stream.

We have lots of very nice shooting sticks with leather sling seats and steel spikes to provide a comfortable seat out in a muddy field.

Wooden hiking sticks also make great gifts. We have about eight different styles in stock plus some beautiful handmade ones that come and go very quickly!

For country walks and enjoying the outdoors we have some great thumbsticks, shepherd’s crooks and market sticks.
The handmade versions in these ranges are very appealing and make very nice, long-lasting presents.

In the thumbstick range, you can choose from natural wooden sticks and ones with deer antler handles. We also have some with a handy whistle cut into on of the tines of the antlers. The whistle sticks are very popular with dog walkers.

For birdwatchers and photographers, there’s the camera monopod stick. This is a chestnut hiking stick with an attachment on the top that all cameras and camcorders can fit onto, thus providing a steady hand while he gets that shot of a flock of starlings coming home at sunset.

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit fancy or luxurious, we have a range of Italian silver plated walking canes and an Italian leather handled cane as well. All of these canes look really beautiful in real life!

The hand carved walking sticks also make lovely presents. There is something really special about giving someone something that an artist has spent many hours of care attention making just for them!

For next year we will be offering some nice personalisation options for some of the walking sticks in our range plus some more interesting, unusual and innovative sticks and accessories.

So there’s my list. I hope you find some inspiration! If not then a selection of “funny named” ales always goes down a treat!