Articles for the Blind – Free Post Service

Did you know that if you or someone you know is blind or
visually impaired you can have items sent to you by Royal Mail
for free.
I discovered this today when one of our lovely customers said
he would send in a label for us to send him some ferrules. So
as usual I Googled it (what an excellent new verb!) and
discovered that Royal Mail do offer free first class and airmail
postage for blind people.

The postage fee is waived when sending any of the following:

1. books, papers and letters – either embossed or in large print
(minimum font size 16pt)
relief maps.
You can also send visual and electronic media like:

2. computer disks and CDs
3. spoken audio, video (with added commentary) and electronic
Equipment used by blind
people.The list

4. talking books and newspapers that are recordings from printed
books, journals, newspapers, periodicals or similar publications.
5. equipment used to play or record audio, video and electronic
media i.e. talking books and talking newspapers
6. electronic and optical magnifiers
7. games, mathematical devices, watches, clocks, timers and
8. measuring equipment
9. embossed or blank plates and devices for producing tactile
10. stationery for tactile information or for mail
11. mobility aids including sticks and guide dog equipment.

When sending mail “Articles for the Blind” needs to be written
on the outside of the parcel along with a special label (available
at Post Office branches). Mail can only be sent to the blind
person so mail that is addressed “to the occupier” isn’t valid. So
mail must be addressed with the recipient’s full name and

For parcels going to a recipient abroad, they must have ‘Articles
for the Blind – CECOGRAMMES’ written or printed on the front.

Articles for the Blind is a scheme for Blind and visually impaired
customers who are registered as blind under the provisions of
the National Assistance Act 1948. We also include people
whose standard of close-up vision, with spectacles is N12 or
less and certified by an ophthalmologist, doctor or ophthalmic

All mail sent this way is subject to inspection so no confidential,
personal or sensitive mail is allowed.

If you would like us to send something to a blind or visually
impaired person in the UK or abroad, please send us your
special label with your order and contact details. We will then
call you once the label is received to take payment and process
your order.

The scheme by Royal Mail is called “Articles for the Blind” and
you can find out more about it here.