Airport Security – Taking your Walking Stick on an Aeroplane

Now here is a very valid question; What types of walking canes are allowed through airport security?

What counts as a weapon these days? (My friend couldn’t take an opened jar of Branston’s Pickle in his hand luggage on his flight back to Sweden a year or so ago). Is a walking stick an accessory, a mobility aid, a recreational device or a weapon?

The grey area exists because some walking sticks are regarded as both canes AND weapons! Apart from the obvious sword canes and Shellieghs, what about the heavier knobsticks or shooting sticks with their spiked tips? Hiking poles have spiked tips and wading sticks are a long stick with a weighted end.

We had a quick search around and the result was this:

Mobility aids such as walking sticks and crutches can be taken on board an aeroplane, but are subject to the screening process.

Walking sticks are x-ray screened along with all other cabin baggage.

Some people with a disability use a hiking pole as a walking stick that they need to be able to walk. Check out this Youtube video of an Australian man who wasn’t allowed to use his stick to get on the plane and had to be taken on in a wheelchair.

A hiking stick could be categorised as a sharp item such as pointed martial arts equipment and therefore banned from hand luggage.

So if you are taking your stick on an aeroplane and need to keep it with you in the cabin then you should be fine with a standard lightweight stick without a sharp pointed tip.