About the British Stickmakers Guild

The British Stickmakers Guild was brought to my attention after chatting to a stickmaker selling his wares at a country fare last weekend. Set up by a small group of people in 1984, the Guild celebrates the very old craft of making and collecting walking sticks and canes. From market sticks with ram’s horn handles to shepherd’s crooks and beautifully hand carved bird’s head sticks, the Guild’s competitions bring out the finest sticks around.

From a humble beginning of just a handful of people, the membership had grown to 500 by the end of the first year and to 2100 by 2004. Membership costs just £12 per year and means you’ll receive “The Stickmaker” magazine four times a year.

The BSG is a national organisation (although it does have many members overseas) and it organises around 40 shows and stickmaking competitions across the UK each year. THE BRITISH & U.K. NATIONAL STICKMAKING CHAMPIONSHIP had shows from April to October in 2012 across the UK.

Some of the busier local groups run social events as well. So if you fancy chatting about walking sticks over a pint or two then why not see if there is a British Stickmakers Guild group in your area?

For more information go to www.thebsg.org.uk

Take a look at the Gallery to see some of the wonderful creations made by the stickmakers. Wildlife seems to feature a great deal on British handmade walking sticks, celebrating our bird life in particular.

The British Stickmakers Guild  “An organisation for stickmakers and collectors. Organised by stickmakers and collectors.” Founded in 1984.
Patron: Her Grace The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire
President: Lord Aylesford
Vice President: Lord Carnavon
Vice President: Duke of Devonshire