Wooden Hiking Sticks – Not Just a Stick for Walking!


We have been selling walking sticks for almost ten years now and we get a lot of feedback on how our walking sticks are used.
The walking sticks on our website range from smart dress canes and silver plated sticks to rustic thumbsticks and hiking poles.
In a nut shell we are specialist retailer selling all types of sticks and the accessories that go with them.
The kind we do sell a lot of are the wooden hiking sticks and that is what this article is all about. The wooden hiking sticks are also known as staves, staffs or beagling sticks.
These are long (approximately 135 centimetres), straight sticks with a leather strap at the top end that fits over the wrist.
We hear from our customers that they are used for walking with, something to lean on and some surprising other reasons.
Such as beating the ground ahead to flush out snakes when walking through grassland and for use on a hunt.
The “beaters” walk ahead of the group, hitting the ground to disturb the game. This action would make a pheasant take to the skies for example.
Beagling is the hunting of mainly hares and rabbits with Beagle dogs finding the game by scent.
Our wooden hiking sticks have mainly country pursuit applications but one lovely customer said he uses his for support in general as he has a bad back. This customer bought a handmade hiking stick
which are my favourites. The handmade sticks are made to last a lifetime at least, each stick is different and all of the parts are sourced and made locally from British materials.
The stick maker who makes these has a passion for his craft and does the job very well indeed.
We also sell a nice hiking stick called a camera monopod. This stick has a screw at the top which any camera or video camcorder can be attached to, giving the operator a balance.

So have a look at the range today and see if there is something you like.