Spring Choices for Walking Sticks

Spring marks the start of the walking season for ramblers, hikers and hill walkers. For Walking Sticks Online, its the time of year we sell lots of hiking sticks and poles, seat sticks, thumbsticks and other country sticks.

Walking and walking in a group is very good for you. Apart form the obvious health benefits of walking, joining a local group brings the other bonuses of friends and something to do practically everyday of the year, even Christmas and Boxing Day. If you have moved to a new area or you are feeling lonely, join a walking group!

We offer various different sticks to make walking in the country a bit easier and we sell specialised sticks for specific activities.

Aluminium hiking poles are usually bought in pairs and can be adjusted in height to be used like tall Nordic walking poles or short to aid hill climbing. Hiking poles provide balance when walking on flat surfaces, uphill, downhill and making your way across a hill and a whole host of other practical uses while out walking.

Natural Thumb Sticks

Wooden walking poles and thumbsticks provide balance and something to lean on, soon becoming a much loved companion wherever you go.

Wooden Hiking Stick

The other big event in Spring is of course Mother’s Day, with the floral and patterned walking sticks selling like hot cakes!