A list of the benefits of using hiking sticks or poles

The Health Benefits of Using Hiking Sticks or Poles for Walking

1. Improve your endurance by spreading some of the weight to your arms. Better workout.
2. Better balance by keeping you from falling.
3. Can take much weight off your legs when climbing. Gives you an extra boost.
4. Provides much better support when descending. Much safer.
5. Increase your stride and hiking speed with arm power.
6. Reduces stress on knee and hip joints.
7. Helps relieve chronic knee joint pain.
8. Something to whittle when you’re resting.
9. Use like a cane if you get injured.
10. Push weeds out of you path to reduce exposure to ticks.
11. Whack dead twigs off trees to clear your way.
12. Clear spider webs from the trail ahead.
13. Defend yourself against dogs, snakes, other animals or people, if the need arises.
14. Use as a tracking stick.
15. Reach high to knock fruit out of trees or vines.
16. Use as a monopod to stabilize your camera or binoculars – or rifle.
17. Clear sticks, branches and other stuff off the trails.
18. Lend a hand (stick) to help companions cross difficult areas.
19. Poke stuff you don’t want to get your fingers near (big insect, half-dead animal).
20. Retrieving things out of reach or in the water.
21. Something to lean on when you stop for a breather.
22. Make noise to let the bears know you’re coming.
23. A stick to poke your camp-fire.
24. Tie on your bandana to waive as a signal.
25. Test mud and puddles for depth.
26. To part thick bushes or grass obscuring the trail.
27. And, or course, to whack your little brother or companions when they step out of line.

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Hiking Sticks and Poles from Emilyhannah Ltd
Hiking Sticks and Poles from Emilyhannah Ltd