Hand Carved Walking Stick – Oscar the Dog

Just to continue my previous post about hand carved walking sticks, Oscar the dog has now been finished and was shipped off to the customer this morning. The walking stick looks amazing. It is a tall rich coloured chestnut shank with spike ferrule, a high quality leather lanyard, an engraved brass collar and a stunning hand carved wooden handle.

Hand Carved Chestnut Walking Stick
Hand Carved Chestnut Walking Stick

If you would like your own design hand carved walking stick, please contact us and we will get it made for you. Work typically takes between four and six weeks, sometimes longer (such as the run up to Christmas).

The stick maker in Cambridge who does the work is a retired policeman and engineer and likes to do things properly. The carving work takes a very long time, but the results are wonderful.

To see some more examples of the kind of hand carved sticks we sell, click on the following link:

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