New Handmade Twisty Sticks with Pewter Shamrock Detail

We have added three new handmade sticks to the handmade walking sticks section.
All three are made from twisty wood, or a tree branch that has grown entwined with Honeysuckle creating this lovely twisty finish.
One of the hiking sticks looks exactly like the Stick Man from the Julia Donaldson rhyming verse story entitled “The Stick Man”, with eyes, a nose and mouth. I am tempted to keep this one for the boys bedroom!
The other sticks have a Shamrock badge made from pewter on the handle tops.
Sticks are made with all sorts of handle toppers, pins and badges to make a stick a little bit special, personalised or just interesting.
You can buy English county badges, National Service badges, old English Pennies that have been bent around to fit the shaft of your stick and collectible European badges.
Toppers can be made from Silver, Pewter, Copper or resin. Some people like to have their favorite fly fishing flies set in resin and glued on to the handle of their wading stick or hiking stick.
New handmade stick with pewter Shamrock on the handle
New handmade stick with pewter Shamrock on the handle
Its nice to add a special extra something to personalise your cane, if you have seen or you own an interesting stick, please do send in your pictures via the website!