New Handmade Antler Handled Sticks Just In

Stick collectors listen up! Check out these beauties! We have just taken stock of this beautiful selection of sticks completely handmade from local materials by a local stick maker.

Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.
Handmade Antler Handled Sticks on Twisty Hazel and Blackthorn Woods.

The shanks are mostly twisty English hazel, all rare and special and some have the strangulating honeysuckle bonded in as well. The honeysuckle is the reason why the hazel shoots grew with a twist as the two plants grew together. This creates a really lovely and individual effect that is hard to find.

One stick has a blackthorn shank, again rare to find again very beautiful to behold. The colours on the blackthorn are deep, rich reds that contrast beautifully with the red deer antler handle.

Now to the handles. They are made with a part of the red deer antler known as the “antler roll”. The roll is usually used to make an upright handle for a hiking or beagling staff but this time it has been used in a horizontal position to make a cross head or T – shaped handle.

The handle and the shank both have steel rods inside to give superior strength and as usual with the handmade sticks, the shanks have been stored and dried for two years and then steam straightened. The antler handles have wooden caps on both ends. Some have English Oak, some Walnut and some Laburnum. The Laburnum is the most amazing I find. This poisonous wood has been cut, turned and polished so beautifully that ,with it’s gold and brown stripes, it resembles Tiger’s Eye stone.

These sticks are very beautiful, made very well and are both lightweight and strong. Snap one up today as there are only 8!