Come and See our Latest Handmade Sticks

We have just bought in another lovely batch of handmade walking sticks for your perusal. Most of them feature twisty hazel shanks or handles, making them very rare and special indeed. The “twist” occurs as the honey suckle plant grows around and around the hazel tree and as they grow up together, a beautiful natural twist is produced in the hazel.

The twist part makes a great handle as it is very comfortable to hold in either hand. The wood used to make these sticks is grown, dried, seasoned and straightened locally (East Anglia) and every other part of the stick is hand turned or handmade.

Click on the image below to take a look…

Handmade Sticks Selection
Handmade Sticks Selection

This batch also includes one of the thumbsticks with a pointy antler handle. These handles are also a rarity. Out of each red deer antler you can usually cut three handles; a crown handle, a thumbstick handle and a plain handle, that is as long as the antler is the correct size. Finding a pointy tipped thumbstick handle that you don’t need to cap with wood or horn and the base will fit nicely on to a shank is probably about 1 in 100, probably more.

We have got to know more than we thought was possible about stick making and the raw materials used and with something natural like deer antlers, each antler is different.

We do also buy the raw materials for stick making so if you can supply antler, horn or metal ferrules and collars, please get in touch.