Calling all Stickmakers!

We are always looking for new walking sticks and canes to add to Walking Sticks Online to keep the website fresh and interesting. We are looking for walking stick manufacturers, handmade and hand carved  sticks, antiques and brand new products that need distributing.

We like to have a big range and therefore choice for customers of walking sticks and it is my view that this is what websites are for, to offer a large range of one particular product at competitive prices.

Handmade walking sticks are the sticks we would like to sell more of, so if you make sticks or know of someone who does, then please get in touch. I love the variety of the woods used, the handle types and the individuality of handmade sticks. These sticks are also nice because the materials used often reflect where they were made. For example, the hand carved sticks we offer are made in Derbyshire and Hazel wood shanks are sourced in North Wales. The Welsh Hazel has its own beautiful bark which is different to the Hazel from Saffron Walden, Essex which is used by on of our handmade stick makers.

We are also interested to hear about new products from inventors or distributing opportunities.

We currently work with six different suppliers and it all runs along smoothly. Please contact us here if you can offer any of the above, we would love to hear from you!