Amazing New Handmade Walking Sticks – Just Arrived

We have got some fabulous new handmade walking sticks that will blow your socks off! Click the following link to take a look HANDMADE WALKING STICKS

handmade one-of-a-kind walking sticks
Handmade One-of-a-Kind Walking Sticks

Some of these new sticks are true one-of-a-kind, beautiful sticks that will last, not just a lifetime but several. All the sticks are seasoned and straightened and the materials used are all British (except the buffalo horn!). The full twisty sticks are very rare and hard to find and when a stick maker comes across such a stick, it is snapped up straight away!

Along with the new sticks we also have a new stick maker to work with so if you have a project in mind then please contact us as chances are he can make it for you.

All parts of these sticks have been handmade, including the turned brass collars and ferrules which have all been seamlessly fitted together to produce real works of art.

Two or three of them nearly ended up in my collection but I resisted and added them onto the site.