New Folding Walking Sticks Now Available

You can never have enough folding walking sticks, right? We have added the following colourful collection to our websites for immediate purchase. The designs are really great and will make excellent gifts this Christmas.

If you want to find out more about any of them or buy one, please click on any of the pictures and you will arrive at the correct shopping page.

Standard sized folding stick with beautiful British garden birds design all over the aluminium shaft:

Royal Stewart red tartan patterned folding stick in the standard size. This stick folds into 4 parts and is supplied with a wrist cord and rubber ferrule already fitted:

Peacock feather patterned mini folding walking stick. This one is my favourite. The design is so vibrant and lovely. Like all of the mini walking sticks, it folds up into 5 parts to fit easily into a handbag and each stick is supplied with a wrist cord, rubber ferrule and a handy clip to keep the parts together when it is folded up.

A jazzy leopard print design mini folding stick. Leopard print has always been a popular design for women’s accessories and these folding sticks look fabulous.

Black and white damask design folding walking stick. This stick has a delicate, pretty finish to it and is perfect for those who would prefer a more neutral coloured stick and nothing too bright.

Pastel tartan folding stick. Calm and natural colours for an unimposing walking stick for everyday use.

Retro spots design folding stick. The colours on this design go very well together and make this stick a stylish addition to your collection.

Last but not least, the oval leaf design folding stick. Another great design with great colours.