New Carry Wallets for Folding Walking Sticks Now In

We have just added some nice new wallets for your folding sticks to You can now choose from a black quilted bag with zip, a black pouch with brown trim, a blue pouch with brown trim and a cream and brown check pouch. The racing green canvas pouch is out of stock, but we may stock it again in the summer sometime but we do not have a date yet!

The new pouches have a plastic window so that you can put your name and address on a card and put it inside in case you leave the pouch (with your walking stick inside) behind somewhere. Just like the old green pouch, these pouches fit all folding walking sticks EXCEPT the anatomically handled sticks and the extra long canes.

When empty the pouches measure 14 x 32.5 cm just in case you want to buy one for an existing folding cane.

Also, while we are taking about accessories, the cane holders are due back in stock next week so if you are waiting for yours then the wait is nearly over!

Click on the image below to go shopping!

Carry wallet for Folding Walking Sticks
Carry Wallet for Folding Walking Sticks