Foldaway Flip Sticks for Holiday Makers

A customer last week bought one of the foldaway flipsticks to take on holiday to the Dordogne in France this month. She said how perfect they are for going away as they will be going on tours, waiting around in lots of places and sight seeing and it is always handy to have the means to rest your back, legs or feet when you need to.

Her last holiday was in Turkey where her fellow tour members raved about the seat stick and all wished they had one.

Summertime is definitely our busiest time for flip sticks and other seat sticks such as shooting sticks but the flipsticks are better for taking away on holiday as they are small, light and have their own zipped shoulder bag so they are like holding an extra camera.

And think of all the times you would use it? Everywhere where there aren’t any seats free and when you are waiting around.

The foldaway flip stick is available in a fixed height and a height adjustable model in racing green or black. There is a discount if you buy two at the same time and you save on postage too. So, you can buy one for yourself and one for your friend or partner.

Click here or on the image below to have a browse or to purchase a flipstick now!

Foldaway Flip Sticks
Foldaway Flip Sticks